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Your therapist, Gina Nathan, is the only therapist in Bakersfield, to graduate from the Cayce/Reilly School of Massotherapy through the Association of Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, VA.  She's been an American Massage Therapy Association member since 1998, a Reiki practitioner since 1994 and a Reiki Master since 1999.  In addition, Gina is one of the first massage therapists in Bakersfield to have the title of "Certified Massage Therapist" by the State of California.  She is also the first therapist in Bakersfield to become a Certified Quantum-Touch®  Practitioner and Instructor.
With over 600 educational hours of study, over 300 continuing educational hours and more than 5,000 hours of experience, Gina's unique style of relaxation, therapy and energy work is sure to help put you back in balance. 
Gina's schooling, experiences and strong intuitive skills give her the unique ability to adjust her techniques to each client’s goals.  The Cayce/Reilly School emphasized becoming a professional, ethical, well-grounded and spiritually sensitive practitioner with a commitment to healing of self while facilitating a healing of others.  She strives to practice these credos daily and to approach each client with the intent of healing and relaxing each person to balance the body, mind and spirit.

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“Gina’s massage training from the Edgar Cayce Institute has created a therapist I recommend to all.  I have experienced many different modalities of massage and Gina always releases within my body, the areas holding stress, facilitating my body into health.  I feel the wonderful affects of her work days after our session.”  Joana ShinKara Morris, Blue Springs, Mo., Practicing Shaman, Psychic and Reiki Master --
"Words cannot begin to express what Gina Nathan has meant to me not only as a friend but also as a prized employee energy worker at my B&B/Spa. Gina has a wonderful spirit about her. I could see how passionate she was about her calling the moment I met her. She shows compassionate for the needs of her clients by truly listening and understanding them. Her hands on experience is truly a that all her clients return to time after time." Debby Verheyden, R.N., Elkstone Inn, Little House & Day Spa,, Durango, Co.
"Regina has a strong, intuitive touch as well as extensive knowledge of the body. After I hurt my back, through massage and education, Regina helped me to create a greater awareness of my muscles and how to keep them healthy." Patricia Skye Smith, CMT, Inst., P.T.A, New York, NY.
Gina, I wanted to thank you for the work you've done! I've had a lot of massage therapists over the years, as I tend to travel a lot, but I always look forward to seeing you when I have the chance to re-visit Bakersfield. Your technique doesn't leave me feeling drowsy and worn down, but reviatlized and energized. After sessions with you, I am ready to get back out and go after life again, which is what I need in my line of work. I look forward to seeing you again on my next visit!  Phillip Cooper, Business Account Manager, Doubletree Hotel, Dallas, TX
"Aaaahhhhhh" Stacey Maynard-Tisler, Social Worker, Bakersfield, CA

"I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the massage experience. YOu never know what you wil get on a offense to you, Groupon, but you know what i mean! ;) Gina is very knowledgable and trained not only in massage but has a good understanding of 'energy work' with the body as well. The combination is very healing! I will definately be seeing her again!"  Bakersfield, CA Groupon Customer Comment - May 12, 2014
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