MASSAGE SOLUTIONS - Massage, Bodywork, Reiki
My name is Regina Nathan, but most people call me Gina.  I’d like to take a moment to thank you for stopping by my website and introduce you to my philosophy of this profession, my educational background and my beliefs of the relaxation, therapeutic and healing modalities with which I work.
On the following pages, are my biography, a description of the different modalities (types of massage/bodywork/energy work) and what you may expect during your session(s). The three “rules” I emphasize for all clients are:  
1) Breathe!  Deep breaths, in through the nose and out the mouth every now and again.  Don’t worry, if you forget, I’ll remind you.  It’s therapeutic, cleansing and necessary to promote a deeper level of relaxation.
2) Communicate!  If the pressure is ever too much or not enough, please, let me know.  The massage is all about you, so keep me informed.  Don’t stress though, I’ll ask “how’s the pressure” every now and then.
3) Relax and enjoy!
I believe that my customer's well-being is of the utmost importance and I am committed to meeting that need.  As a result, a high percentage of my business is from repeat customers and referrals. 
I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
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